AOK Ion Cleanse
(Body Detox Foot Bath)

It is a detox water foot bath which uses brass and stainless steel electrodes. A 30 minute treatment session can rebalance your body by safely mobilising residues and wastes stored within your body. It is a gentle, noninvasive therapy that detoxifies the body through your feet, helping restore your natural equilibrium and wellbeing. The array generates a stream of positive and negative ions. Through the process of osmosis and electrolysis these ions stimulate your body and organs, mobilising waste products.

The machine does not cure any disease or condition but assists the body to detoxify different organs and tissues in the body. It may improve: liver and kidney function, general circulation and metabolism, arthritis, headaches and migraines, skin problems, menstrual pain, PMS and general wellbeing and balance of the whole body.

Our Prices

Foot Care
AOK Ion Cleanse (30 mins) $38
AOK Ion Cleanse (40 mins) $48
AOK Ion Cleanse (50 mins) $58
AOK Ion Cleanse (60 mins) $68
AOK Ion Cleanse (12 Sessions) $360
AOK Ion Cleanse + Reflexology (70 mins) $75